Attention to Detail

I meticulously examine every simple, functional thing I create and tell myself “I can do better”. This happens over and over until the thing is as good as I can make it.

Working out of a small man cave in Sydney, Australia, I design & develop websites and apps. I suffer every detail of the things I create but doing things right is its own reward.

Adrian Logue, Director


Frictionless text capture - from your mind to your Mac

Attention text junkies!

Confession time. Do you know of, use or love:

  1. Notational Velocity, TextMate, TaskPaper or SimpleNote?
  2. Rube Goldberg-ian systems with Hazel, Dropbox & AppleScript?
  3. Merlin Mann and/or Brett Terpstra and/or Jesse Grosjean?

Yes to any? All?

You have self-identified as a potential CloverText user.
Bless your cotton socks.

What is CloverText?

CloverText runs in the background as an icon in your menubar. You can launch it from a hot key when you have an idea or tidbit of information that you need to capture fast! A beautiful text window slides into view, you type, then select a file or folder where you want the text to be sent.

You can configure CloverText to send the text to any file or folder on your system, it can insert the text at a predefined point inside a file, to the end of a file or to the start of a file. You can also make it create a whole new file in any folder that you choose.

Software Development

Also known as, "how I get paid"

Cloverfield Studios has nothing to do with indestructible, city-eating creatures from outer-space.

Cloverfield is a virtual studio that produces totally awesome solutions in digital design and software development. It consists of me, Adrian Logue, and a network of talented contractors.

Cloverfield’s services include:

  • Web Design, Development & Content Management
  • Application Design & Development for the Mac and iOS
Quintessential Cool
Adrian Logue

About Adrian

Adrian Logue has 15 years experience in the online racket, designing and creating software for some pretty well known brands including Aussie Home Loans, Gourmet Traveller, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, Madison, Shop Til You Drop, Australian Personal Computer, FHM, House and Garden, Harper’s Bazaar, ZOO, Australian Geographic, Inspiring Journeys, AATKings, GOLFLink, Golf Australia and the Qantas Magazine.

Before that, in the 80's he was high school junior chess champion; crazy times.

He's also co-authored two books on software development in C++, which in case you don't know, means he is an expert in the pursuit of sensual, self-indulgent, hedonistic jollies.

When he’s not working tirelessly on Cloverfield projects, he pretends he’s someone else at A site that stands tall as a shining vanguard of discerning taste existing only so you can elevate your cultural palate above the mundane and gorge yourself on tasty and splendiferous information snacks.

You can read Adrian’s blog and decide whether it is safe to invite him to a speaking engagement. To make sweet contact with Adrian, you can try and track him down on twitter or email