For those devastatingly good looking and super intelligent chaps among you who, like me, have an iPhone, you may be familiar with an application called Convert by TapTapTap, for everyone else I’ve cancelled my usual Thursday morning Nepalese herbal massage to take a moment to enlighten you. I normally use that “me” time to have my PA take dictation on plans for a regular air drop of medical supplies to politically persecuted orphans, but what I have to tell you is important enough that they’ll just have to wait.

Convert does a very simple thing. You select a unit of measure, give it a number and it will convert that number into… another unit of measure, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t the best freak’n conversion application that ever existed!* It has a seemingly permanent place in the top selling paid downloads in the AppStore and those clever fellows at TapTapTap must be like totally minted by now.

What’s their secret? They certainly didn’t invent some fancy new patented algorithm. It… it just like… converts stuff. Hmmm. But darn it, they just did some good ol’ hard work on figuring the best user interface this side of Cupertino.

Here’s the process they went through:

*Update Actually there may be better conversion apps out there, ConvertBot by TapBots is pretty sweet.